Yindyamarra Yambuwan – Respecting Everything DVD

Price: 49.95 AUD
The film is centred on 20 poems in Wiradjuri language, with video from Wiradjuri country, exploring some of the many aspects of Yindyamarra. Yindyamarra is often translated as respect, but actually it describes the whole Wiradjuri way of Life.

Wiradjuri Songs DVD Number 1

Price: 49.95 AUD
This is a fantastic resource for language teachers and for anyone, young or old, wishing to start learning the Wiradjuri language. Based around four songs by Dr Uncle Stan Grant and Dr John Rudder. These songs are designed to accompany the Wiradjuri Language Songbooks 1 and 2. This DVD now comes with a singalong sheet.

Wiradjuri Language: Useful Words and Phrases Vol.

Price: 49.95 AUD
Three unique new animations based on voice recording of Useful Words and Phrases in Wiradjuri Language recorded by Dr Uncle Stan Grant with translations in English by Aunty Betty Grant. This is a fantastic animated resource for anyone, young or old, wishing to hear and become familiar with everyday phrases in Wiradjuri language from a native speaker.

CD Wiradjuri Songs (Song books 1 and 2)

Price: 34.95 AUD
Contains 6 songs from Song book 1 and 6 songs from song book 2.

CD Learning Wiradjuri (lessons 1 to 10 or books 1

Price: 34.95 AUD
This CD covers lessons 1 to 10 contained in learning books 1 and 2.

CD Hymns of My Old people

Price: 34.95 AUD
Contains 10 songs including: Amazing Grace, Silent night and Waltzing Matilda.

Welcome to Wiradjuri Country by Stan Grant

Price: 69.95 AUD