Interactive powerpiont games

Jeopardy Level 1 - PowerPiont show

Price: 9.95 AUD
Based in the game show Jeopardy, this is an interactive PowerPoint which contains English and Wiradjuri words

Jeopardy level 5

Price: 9.95 AUD
Based on the American TV show jeopardy, this interactive PowerPoint contains no English.

Who Wants to be a Milionaire

Price: 9.95 AUD
Based on the TV show this PowerPoint is an interactive version which contains English and Wiradjuri.

Yanhadha guyagu - Go fish cards

Price: 39.95 AUD
“Yanhadha guyagu” is a twist on the card game “Go fish”, using the numbers 1 to 12. Game levels: Level 1: develop skills in understanding simple questions. Level 2: build on level skills by adding animal names. Level 3: builds on previous levels by adding colours.