The Wiradjuri language writing and usage throughout this website is based on the works of Grant and Rudder in developing language and sound systems.

Vowel sounds

Vowels can be called the open mouth sounds. In English alphabet the vowels sounds are:  “a, e, i, o and u”. In Wiradjuri the vowels are “a, i, and u” and their long sounds represented by “aa, ii and uu”.

Consonant sounds 

The commons sounds are combined sounds, 'ng', 'nh', 'ny', 'dh', 'dya', 'ay', 'aay', 'uy'.

In the Wiradjuri dictionary when the 'ng' sound is broken into 'n' and 'g' the words are often written with a full stop or a hyphen.

for example: (tinder, p342), wan.gan (tray, p459)