Minyang Nginha Wiradjuri language animation

Produced by Sharing and Learning, with animation by Pam Readford
Song by Dr Uncle Stan Grant and Dr John Rudder, performed by Dr Uncle Stan Grant, Stuart Carnegie and Shane Atkinson
Available from: https://sharingandlearning.com.au/shop/

Gulambali - Wiradjuri Language animation

Animated Dr Uncle Stan Grant song on DVD "Wiradjuri language animations 1". Animated by Pam Readford, Produced by Bernard Sullivan, Sharing and Learning.Available from: https://sharingandlearning.com.au/shop/

Yindyamarra Yambuwan preview

The film is centred on 20 poems in Wiradjuri language, with video from Wiradjuri country, exploring some of the many aspects of Yindyamarra. Yindyamarra is often translated as respect, but actually it describes the whole Wiradjuri way of Life. Available from: https://sharingandlearning.com.au/shop/